This website is devoted to help the gathering of evidence supporting the idea that we inherit actual memories from our forefathers. The benefits of having this concept accepted by the various factions of society are:

This, being a gathering place for evidence, we would like to ask that evidence, both in support or contrary, be submitted for the benefit of the discussion of this concept.


As part of this effort to change the direction of research, we'd like to have as many people link to this site as possible. Writers, this concept would be a fantastic sci-fi or psychological thriller basis for plays, movies, and books. Students, this would make a profound basis for theses and research. Computer scientists, taking the dna code and converting it to pictures and sounds would win a noble prize. Hypnotherapists, finding certain memories assist in helping memory based issues such as depression, anxiety and phobias. Anthropologists could determine the movements of peoples throughout history. I think you all get the picture.

As this develops, perhaps this website could be a means of putting people together to form groups that could further the research as well.


There may be opposition to this movement, especially from cultural and religious elements, because some of the dna experiential data that will eventually be mined from our DNA will prove and disprove some closely held beliefs in societies around the world.

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